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Expanding the Universe, Series #1: Bad Proportions for Comic Relief
Preview of Class #2

RUNTIME:  1 hour, 03 min

Peggi Kroll Roberts

Instructor, Class : Apr 9, 2020

Starting with Andrew Loomis’ Ideal Figure Proportions, Peggi is going to change the proportions, shift them around, and see what kind of results happen and hope they are hilarious. Then she’ll add color for more impact. She will work from photo reference and use marker, pencil, and gouache.

See some video stills here.

Free Verse Composition, Class #4
Unusual Flowers, Class #3



Bad Proportions for Comic Relief, Class #2
Feel Good Color, Class #1

Assignment: Take the ideal proportions we learn in class and readjust their proportions. Then paint them. Peggi wants to have some fun in these dark times. This a great segue into drawing caricatures. Gather some interesting photos of friends, family, or other figure references. Using the replaced “vicinity marks,” see what happens. Peggi will be using acrylic for this, but any medium will work.

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