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Co-Hosted with Mark Daniel Nelson Online Thursday Class Series - June 4, 11, 18, & 25, 2020 - 12 NOON (PDT) Registered students, log in (or create account) and click on "Online Instruction" for class details.

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Dates & Details

Jun 04, 2020, 12:00 PM PDT – Jun 25, 2020, 1:00 PM PDT

ONLINE WEEKLY -Register by Jun 3, NOON PDT

About This Live Event

Online Thursday Class Series - June 4, 11, 18, & 25, 2020

Co-Hosted with Mark Daniel Nelson, assisted by Carole Gray-Weihman and Ray Roberts

Each class is at least 1 hour (12 NOON PDT - 1PM PDT) or (19:00 UTC - 20:00 UTC)

Registered students, log in to website (or create account) and click on "Online Instruction" for class details.

Special Offer: Only $45 for this series of 4 classes

  1. Watch Four LIVE classes.
  2. Submit chat questions in the classroom *(comments answered by Carole, Mark, and other students). 
  3.  Stream/Download our HD recording of class (unlimited viewing) / Emailed to students 1 week after air date
  4. Watch and participate in LIVE Q&A with Peggi.
  5. Access to Limited/Exclusive Facebook Group after the course ends.
  6.  Homework is self-paced and not required. 


June 4th

Class 1 -- Re-Assembled -- Peggi is going to work with cut out pre-painted objects. She’ll draw and paint them on Bristol Vellum Paper first and then cut them out. This makes it easy to move objects around until she feels she has a pleasing abstract design. She will paint with acrylics. 

  • Self-Paced Homework Assignment -- Homework for this will be painting from any subject. Still-life will work great. Create a work with a few objects in the composition and move the objects around to create a pleasing abstract arrangement. “I find working in a collage manner gives me more freedom more quickly. Paint shapes of objects, cut them out, and rearrange freely”.  (No critiques given)*

June 11th

Class 2 -- Something’s Not Right -- We’re going to do representational painting, but with one element added that is “off”, ie. fruit in the ocean, a cat with five legs. Peggi is going to work with gouache or acrylic from a selection of photos and still life props to compose convincing scenes but with the added element of “the bizarre”. 

  • Self-Paced Homework Assignment -- Choose a variety of subjects. You may work from life or photos. You’ll create convincing compositions that tell a story but with the inclusion of an odd object that doesn’t make sense. (No critiques given)*

June 18th

Class 3 -- Put a Bird on It -- Peggi is either going to take a natural setting for her subject or place a bird in an unusual location or next to an unrelated object within a scene. The bird could be painted over-sized, abstracted, or even child-like, ala Rose Wylie. 

  • Self-Paced Homework Assignment -- Maybe think of Rose Wylie with her crude objects randomly placed in unusual settings. Or paint in a representational way but add a giant-sized bird to the setting. The idea is to let go and have fun with it. (No critiques given)*

June 25th

Class 4 -- It Suddenly Appears -- Peggi will paint an arrangement of objects in flat crude graphic shapes that are barely recognizable and then slightly refine by adding the element of line or color to reveal what the objects are. We’ll look at works from such artists as Jennifer Pochinski, Diebenkorn, and Braque for inspiration. 

  • Self-Paced Homework Assignment -- You can paint any subject matter that inspires you. Start off with painting the objects as flat bold shapes of color then add line or color to slightly refine the objects so that they are discernable. (No critiques given)*

*Note: Do homework in your own time. There will be no private forum or critiques given for this class; however, you may share your work in Peggi’s private Facebook Group if you wish. 

IMPORTANT - UPON SIGNING UP : If you haven't created a member account on our website, please do so upon registering by clicking on the "log in" button in the top right corner of our header. Please use the same email address for your registrations with our online classes and workshops that you use for your member account to ensure that you receive the necessary info for this course.

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