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Jul 13, 2020, 10:00 AM – Aug 03, 2020, 11:00 AM
ONLINE WEEKLY -Register by Jul 12, 10AM PDT

About This Live Event

Join Ray as he talks through each demonstration with step-by-step reasoning and justifying his strategy, while answering your questions live. This class will stress the understanding of light on various objects, including cliffs, hills, rocks, trees, bushes, and clouds. If sunlight falls onto it, there will be specific effects of that light that can be found outdoors as it falls across an object. The goal is to interpret each object as if it were a plaster cast under a studio light. Understanding this approach will let the artist analyze their scene with an objective eye and' see' the landscape in terms of light and shadow with the understanding of its effects. Slide presentation, discussion, and demonstration will be the general venue for each class.

Mark Daniel Nelson brings the insight of an accomplished artist to the hosting of this program. Carole Gray-Weihman, award-winning artist, will offer insights and help with answering your questions and providing technical support.

Online Workshop - Hosted with Mark Daniel Nelson, assisted by Carole Gray-Weihman and Peggi Kroll Roberts. Each class is at least 1 hour (10AM PDT - 11AM PDT) or (17:00 UTC - 18:00 UTC). Please be prepared for class to run over-time.

Registered students, log in to the website (or create an account), and click on "Online Instruction" for all class details and hand-outs. You'll receive Zoom Conference log in information immediately upon registration via automated confirmation of payment. We will also send out reminder emails that will include your Zoom Conference log in information 1-3 days prior to the first class (depending on when you registered). We also send out a reminder 2 hours in advance of every live class. These emails are sent from <rayontheroadpainting@gmail.com>. Please add us to your "white list" so that our notices do not end up in SPAM.

Cost: $120 for this series of 4 classes (July 13, 20, 27, & Aug 3)

  1. Watch Four LIVE interactive classes / get answers to your questions in real time.
  2. Stream/Download our HD recording of class (unlimited viewing) / Emailed to students within 1 week after air date.
  3. Watch and participate in LIVE Q&A with Ray.
  4. Access to Limited/Exclusive Facebook Group after the course ends (with light critiquing).
  5. Homework is self-paced and not required.


July 13: Class 1 - The Basics of Form - Basic explanation of light falling on an object and its surroundings. Ray will walk us through an academic approach to analyzing and demonstrating a studio still life set-up. Light, half-tones, shadow, form shadow, cast shadow, reflected light, and angle of light will be discussed and defined. This will be the ground floor for all painting for the rest of the workshop. This first class will be in black and white as form primarily works in value. Slide presentation, discussion, and demonstration.

  • Self-Paced Homework - Demonstrate your understanding of form by completing basic black and white value studies based on what you learned in class.*

Jul 20: Class 2 - Form Applied to the Land & Sky - Form as applied generally to the landscape; cliffs, hillsides, and clouds. Not all cliffs, hills, and clouds are created equal, but knowing how to define them and analyze them in terms of 'form' will be invaluable when stepping up to the easel. Through demonstrations, slides, and lectures, Ray will show and illustrate what he looks for when painting these subjects. Light, shadow, reflected light, core shadows all affect the results of a painting. Ray explains and demonstrates how he creates work with the use of understanding form.

  • Self-Paced Homework - Demonstrate your understanding of form within a land or sky by completing a painting based on what you learned in class.*

Jul 27: Class 3 - Form Applied to Foliage - Form applied to trees and bushes. Ray will explain and demonstrate form as it generally refers to trees and shrubs. Given the variations within this subject matter, his approach will be applied to just a few varieties generically. Slide presentation, discussion, and demonstration.

  • Self-Paced Homework - Demonstrate your understanding of form within trees and bushes by completing a painting based on what you learned in class.*

Aug 3: Class 4 - Advanced Concepts of Form - Form applied to rocks. Also, applied to irregular shapes, situations, objects, and the overall influence of atmospheric perspective. This last class will also address the many common issues regarding form as they come up during the four weeks. Slide presentation, discussion, and demonstrations.

  • Self Paced Homework - Demonstrate your understanding of form within rocks or irregular shapes by completing a painting based on what you learned in class.*

*Note: With all of these classes, it will be important when painting homework assignments that an interesting pattern of light and dark shapes be the primary consideration in painting.

Please include reference material when posting to the Facebook group page, “Ray Roberts Online Workshop Chat Room”. Due to current circumstances, don’t feel obligated to go out and shoot your own photos at this time. Please feel free to take your time on these or work from photos found on the web or perhaps copy an historical work. Feel free to take liberties with your choice of subjects.