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Expanding the Universe, Series #1: Free Verse Composition
Preview of Class #4

RUNTIME : 1 hour, 10 min

Peggi Kroll Roberts

Instructor, Class : Apr 23, 2020

Peggi is going to collect a selection of objects that will not relate to each other, other than being painted on the same page. Her goal is to start somewhere on the page with one object and expand randomly from that point painting the other objects. She’ll give a thought to the spacing, but she aims to keep any “plan” to a minimum. She’ll demonstrate using gouache on paper. See some video stills here.

Feel Good Color, Class #1
Bad Proportions for Comic Relief, Class #2



Unusual Flowers, Class #3



Free Verse Composition, Class #4

Assignment: Gather a lot of different references from photos or paint right from life. You can use any medium. Start anywhere on your paper or canvas and just paint one of the objects from life or from your reference. Without giving it too much thought paint the next object next to, across from or wherever in relation to the first object. Give some thought to the spacing but not too much. Just go with the flow of composing.

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