Oil was Peggi's medium of choice with this first demo of her three demo series. Her lesson plan was about "limited value." She demonstrated how to create a three value painting using the "one-thirds / two-thirds" rule. The first painting was 1/3 light and 2/3 shadow and the second painting was 1/3 shadow and 2/3 light. Peggi had an extra 7 minutes to kill so we suggested she try painting a high-key value (all value is the lighter range so that the darkest note is no darker than a mid value, ie. #5 on a value scale). Her high key is the tiny sketch on the bottom of the panel shown above.


Peggi's live demos will be lesson oriented. This was her first demo of her series called, "Tuesdays with Peggi" (with a plan of at least one Tuesday per month) where she'll provide lesson plans for each demo. Painting with oil, gouache, acrylics, and watercolors will be covered. 


Sorry, the LIVE demo recording has expired for participant viewing. It will be available for streaming at a reduced rate to our participants of this demo, in our "Streaming videos" shop soon!


That means if you paid the entry fee to this demo and just didn't get enough, then stream it forever for just over $10 (that's 30% off the standard price!) We'll announce it here as soon as it becomes available.



















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