Ray's on the road to Monterey and his first stop on the way there was the Cosumnes River Preserve. Part of the adventure to plein air painting is not quite knowing what to expect and be prepared for anything! So one thing for sure, he knew there'd be water!


Water! Yes, he painted water. So much to cover, so much to share! Repetition is the answer and familiarity is vehicle to learning about this complex subject. Ray attempted to capture the essence of a subject that is: transparent, reflective, moving and mesmerizing!


"It is with years of experience painting first hand that has taught me what I know about water."


Sorry, the LIVE demo recording has expired for participant viewing. It will be available for streaming at a reduced rate for our participants of this demo, in our "Stream videos" shop very soon!


That means, if you paid the entry fee to this demo and just didn't get enough, then stream it forever for just over $10 (that's 30% off the standard price!) We'll announce it here as soon as it becomes available.







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