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Pattern Painting


Peggi Kroll Roberts



What do I mean by pattern painting? Refer to the Japanese woodblock prints that were introduced in 1890 to the public in Paris. The impressionists, such as Mary Cassatt, Edgar Degas, Toulouse Lautrec, E. Vuillard, P. Bonnard, as well as many others were heavily influenced by this interpretation of design and value. Notice how the form is flattened and the design is arranged by local color and value. Look at Cassatt's prints where form is found by overlapping line. Vuillard and Bonnard were still inclined to paint form but were inspired by the dramatic design.getting angles correct. Peggi paints another demonstration showing light on form and defining the vocabulary in a simple value painting. She shows how using some forms such as a sphere and cube can help with understanding forms in nature. Like when painting a creamer and stick of butter. Peggi then goes over some of the basics for color and the language. She then demonstrates these principles using simple forms.


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Originally published as DVDs . Cinematography and editing by Brandon Towne, 2010. Hard copy DVDs are no longer available.