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Values & Figure: Pattern Painting

Preview of Class #3

RUNTIME: 1 hour, 10 minutes


Peggi Kroll Roberts

Instructor, Class: Recorded Apr 1, 2019

Pattern Painting! What happens when we create works with no definitive light source? Referring to Mary Cassatt’s aquatints and the Japanese woodcuts of the Edo Period, we explore how this creates a new way to approach design. Now instead of designing with dark and light produced by a strong light source, we’ll be thinking and designing with “local value” and “local color.” View some video stills here.

Dot System of Anatomy & Lyrical vs. Angular Line: Class #1
The Potential of the 10 Step Value Scale: Class# 2
Pattern Painting: Class #3



Exploring the Effects of Light on Color: Class #4

Assignment: Draw a solid contour drawing (figures or still life) with a 6b pencil or a Faber Castell waterproof pen. Use 2-5 shapes and come up with a pleasing design. You’ll only want to deal with the local color and the local value of the objects themselves. You won’t be modeling the form with any shadows. All shapes will be flat.

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