Updated: Feb 19

Ray set up in a risky area (private property) to get this beautiful view in Newport Beach at 4 PM today. Fortunately, he was left alone to paint another beauty during our amazing California weather in a pristine locale, rinsed from recent rains. We watched as the scene kept shifting with the changing light. Ray was tempted to do some light chasing, but he held out and depicted the view that we saw in the first 10 minutes. By the time he finished, the sun was starting to set.

In this demo, Ray discusses avoiding "equal shapes," atmospheric perspective and how it differs from land masses to water masses and how the color white shifts as it recedes into space. He illustrated what happens with spectral highlights, and did a "broken color" demonstration on how he uses simultaneous contrasting colors by loading his brush with two color opposites of the same value.

The LIVE demo recording was available to our participants to watch for a limited time. The viewing time has since expired. If you missed the LIVE demo, no worries--we'll have it available for purchase in our "Streaming Videos" section on our website soon.

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