Updated: Feb 19

Ray chose to paint this morning's demo in the studio. He started off the demo showing a time-lapse video of his start on a studio painting that he began the day prior. He used his reference material from a previous demo (demo #7, Feb 1, 2018) and another sketch done on location. Ray also showed us his video footage taken from his drone flying overhead and explained how he had to edit in photoshop the scene he was after for his final image. A lot of planning goes into executing the right design.

"Everything takes on the color of the atmosphere, especially in the shadows. That is what we call atmospheric perspective." There was a lot of discussion on color and light and how we perceive color in nature. Ray also commented on an interesting theory, infrequently spoken about in workshops, of how we innately know when a color in nature is out of place or doesn't belong. This perked up Mark's attention, as well as my own, and Mark shared a couple of interesting books, Evolution of Consciousness, and How the Mind Works. It can only help us to take in as much knowledge as we can, as being narrowly focused or zeroed in on our goals, we often neglect to understand the larger picture. Interesting topics for future conversation among artists!

The LIVE demo recording was available to our participants to watch for a limited time. The viewing time has since expired. If you missed the LIVE demo, no worries--we'll have it available for purchase in our "Streaming Videos" section on our website soon.

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