Updated: Feb 19

For this demo, Peggi painted in gouache in the studio demonstrating how to simplify and create simple value plans by using master works as reference pieces. This is great aid in helping us to achieve strong compositions in our designs. It's definitely a lesson plan to keep in your tool box!

Below the reference image she started with.

This is John Singer Sargent, "Misses Vickers Daughters". Peggi did a quick demo of how she simplified this piece in to 3 values.

She also did a simple value plan of "The Holy Trinity", by El Greco.

And Mary Cassatt's, "Lydia Reading the Morning Paper (no.1)"

The demonstration on the top portion of the image above, was a simplification of one of her own paintings.

More of Peggi's simplified value plans, with one of Peggi's own paintings on the top of the image above.

The one on the bottom portion of the image above is based off of Frank Brangwyn, "Trade on the Beach". You'll have to see the video to see more of her reference material and for the great discussion regarding these artists and the value of doing these exercises ...(pun intended).

The LIVE demo recording was available to our participants to watch for a limited time. The viewing time has since expired. If you missed the LIVE demo, no worries--we'll have it available for purchase in our "Streaming Videos" section on our website soon.

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