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Our Latest DVD Releases

Ray Roberts - 3 Exercises - Vermilion Cliffs, AZ

Ray Roberts' 3 Exercises/Demonstrations were shot at the Vermilion Cliffs, AZ and specifically address 3 fundamentals to painting directly from life. While talking through the exercises, Ray shares insights into several aspects to painting following each with reason and clear explanations. Underlying all these demonstrations is the notion of convergence of light and shadow with composition; that dark/light pattern is what creates composition; that to create light on water everything in your painting needs to be keyed from that light; and that everything in shadow is darker than anything in light in order to create form.

Peggi Kroll Roberts - Translations from a Photo

In this four-segment, 2-hour video, Peggi explores the different tools she’s taught throughout her series and explains the different applications of the fundamentals. four different demonstrations from design and value to color and intensity with Peggi’s familiar clear and easy-to-follow approach and explanations. Please watch this excerpt from this unique artist/teacher as she explores some of the passages in Translations from a Photo. Available in DVD only, the introductory price is $24.95 + s&h (plus CA sales tax where applicable)

Lessons for Beginners

Often asked which ones Peggi recommends for someone 'just starting out', we've listed these 6 DVDs below with the beginner in mind. Starting with the Value and Color Lesson, Peggi's lessons offer a clear and targeted approach to learning to paint.  Each DVD with lessons condensed to one idea at a time, simplify the learning process creating interesting challenges and charming results. An excellent source of information for the beginner as well as a thorough review for the experienced painter returning to painting.

DVD Release #1

Peggi's original series of DVD lessons were released in February 2010. Each lesson features one aspect of painting for students to focus on. The DVD lessons are approximately 30 minutes and also include an introduction, a slide show, her 13-minute materials and supplies clip, biography and website link. DVD lessons and slideshows are unique to each DVD.

DVD Release #2

Peggi's second batch of DVD lessons was released in December 2010.  6 individual DVD lessons focus on a specific area of painting. These lessons are slightly longer than the first six and vary from 33 to 47 minutes in length. Also included is a new supplies DVD extended to 20 minutes, and all-new slideshow unique to each DVD, Peggi's biography, and a website link. Below are the new covers and demonstrations with a link to a brief description.

DVD Release #3

Peggi's third batch of DVDs contains more lessons from her workshops as well as strategies she uses herself when in the studio. From her years of experience as a professional artist and teacher, she has found that the journey to being able to express your individual artistic voice is to have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of drawing, design, value, and color.  These DVDs continue to solidify her belief that by isolating "one aspect at a time" makes it easier to reach the goals of gaining mileage in the basics.

Our Art Tools

The Artist's MVP, created by Peggi Kroll Roberts, is an acronym for an artists tool: Artists Mirror, Value viewer, and Planner. Click on the image to read how this tool is used.

"How I Painted This"

with Ray Roberts

Ray introduces his DVD series, "How I Painted This". Each DVD demonstrates his painting while "thinking out loud" in these short 30 minute DVD's . His approach is direct; comparing colors, defining composition, addressing subject matter, and generally sharing thoughts as he addresses his subject in these easy-to-follow short demonstrations. 

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