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Expanding the Universe, Series #4: I'm Feeling Dizzy

Preview of Class #2

RUNTIME:  1 hour, 25 min


Peggi Kroll Roberts

Instructor, Class : Jul 16, 2020

We will take any reference and paint or draw it backward, upside down, or tilted, and see what happens with the tension in the work. Another exercise that can make you wonder or even give you a feeling of unease. Can we override that with balance? See some video stills here.


Assignment: Homework for this will be painting from any subject. Still-life will work great. Create a work with a few objects in the composition and move the objects around to create a pleasing abstract arrangement. “I find working in a collage manner gives me more freedom more quickly. Paint shapes of objects, cut them out, and rearrange freely”.


Stills Coming Soon!

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