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Expanding the Universe, Series #2: It's either Black or White, Nothing in Between

Preview of Class #2

RUNTIME:  1 hour, 9 min

Peggi Kroll Roberts

Instructor, Class : May 7, 2020

Let simple value lead the way. Peggi is going to work with India Ink from a selection of photos and a still life. These will take us back to the Notan that is a useful design tool. She is going to pay attention to the proportions of the dark to the light. This is a wonderful segue into abstracting the subject for those of you more inclined to an abstract work. Also, varying brushwork can take you towards abstract expressionism a la Willem DeKooning. See some video stills here.

Crazy Tangents, Class #1
It's Either Black or White, Class #2
Bigger Than Life, Class #3
Mixed Patterns, Class #4

Assignment: Choose a variety of subjects. You may work from photos or life. Try to keep objects recognizable or go full abstract. Create compositions using more dark than light, or more light than dark.

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