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Painting the Head: Simplified Proportions of the Head
Preview of Class #1

RUNTIME:  1 hr 11 minutes

Peggi Kroll Roberts

Instructor, Class: Recorded Jun 3, 2019

Small, SIMPLE heads! Black and white or two tones only. We examine and practice finding proportions and paint only the simplest planes of the head and the placement of the features. Peggi demonstrates and works from photo reference and from "John Asaro Planes of the Head" cast. She paints and demonstrates the simple planes of the head with men, women, and children under all different light situations. These simple planes are Peggi's springboard to creating a more developed head—separating light from shadow in the simplest way.  See some video stills here.

Simplified Proportions of the Head, Class #1
Painting the Big Averages, Class #2

Assignment: Using photo reference, practice finding the planes of the head and sketch a series of small heads in your sketchbook using two tones only.

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