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Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Ray painted this demo just outside of Oakdale. It's a scene of a creek on some ranch land next to the highway. He divided his canvas into 4 sections. The first section, he painted a black and white value study. The second section was about the study of color relationships. The third section was about getting a full-color study, and the fourth was a high-key color study. This is all very useful information to gather before executing a larger painting of the scene in the studio. A very informative demo!

The LIVE demo recording was available to our participants to watch for a limited time. The viewing time has since expired. If you missed the LIVE demo, no worries--we'll have it available for purchase in our "Streaming Videos" section on our website soon.

Ray Roberts live plein air Zoom class: Black and white to value, the study of color relationships, full color study, high-Key color.
TL: Black and white to value, TR: The study of color relationships, BL: Full color study, BR: High-Key color
Ray Roberts plein air painting set up while teaching his live Zoom demo.
Ray on location.

Ray Roberts painting and teaching live via Zoom while on location.

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