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Values & Figure: Exploring the Effects of Light on Color

Preview of Class #4

RUNTIME: 1 hour, 8 minutes

Peggi Kroll Roberts

Instructor, Class: Recorded April 15, 2019

We are exploring the effects of light on color. We have a quick refresher of how color relates to value. Through the use of a limited palette and a full palette, we explore how color responds to different light sources. What happens to color under a strong light source? What happens to color under a more subdued light source? We will practice fine-tuning our observation skills and discern color relationships and color properties. See some video stills here.

Dot System of Anatomy & Lyrical vs. Angular Line: Class #1
The Potential of the 10 Step Value Scale: Class# 2
Pattern Painting: Class #3



Exploring the Effects of Light on Color: Class #4

Assignment: Experiment with painting simple objects under varying light sources using a simplified application of color and value spots.

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