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But you can see still captures below.
Expanding the Universe, Series #2: Bigger Than Life

Preview of Class #3

RUNTIME:  1 hour, 20 min

Peggi Kroll Roberts

Instructor, Class : May 14, 2020

Peggi is going to take an object and paint it 3 or 4 times larger than its’ life-size. It may be a flower, a cup, scissors, or a portrait!  She’ll do one of these and use Acryla Gouache on a gessoed panel. The goal is to stay loose and go bigger than life! We will take the image to the borders of our surface to emphasize its largeness.  See some video stills here.

Mixed Patterns, Class #4
Bigger Than Life, Class #3
It's Either Black or White, Class #2
Crazy Tangents, Class #1

Assignment: Maybe think of Chuck Close and his big head paintings. You'll need to make sure that your painting surface is twice the size of the object so you can enlarge it. Scale the object up double it's size. Fill the surface from edge to edge.


Stills Coming Soon!

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