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Expanding the Universe, Series #2: Crazy Tangents
Preview of Class #1

RUNTIME:  1 hour, 28 min

Peggi Kroll Roberts

Instructor, Class : Apr 30, 2020

Peggi is going to work with cut out pre-painted objects. She’ll paint them on Bristol Vellum Paper first and then cut them out. This makes it easy to move objects around until she feels she has some disturbing tangents. We’re always told to avoid these. She wants to do them on purpose. She will paint with acrylics and rearrange them for the desired effect. See some video stills here.

Mixed Patterns, Class #4
Bigger Than Life, Class #3
It's Either Black or White, Class #2
Crazy Tangents, Class #1

Assignment: You can try a few different exercises. Take a historical painting and re-do it in Procreate but add as many agencies as you can. You can also cut out shapes and paint them in acrylic, arranging them to create agencies. Lastly, you can draw a composition and then paint it with as many tagencies as you can think of.

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