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Form, an Academic Approach to Painting the Landscape:
The Basics of Form
Preview of Class #1

RUNTIME: 1 hour, 13 minutes 

Ray Roberts

Instructor, Class: Recorded Jul 13, 2020

The Basics of Form—Basic explanation of light falling on an object and its surroundings. Ray will walk us through an academic approach to analyzing and demonstrating a studio still life set-up. Light, half-tones, shadow, form shadow, cast shadow, reflected light, and angle of light will be discussed and defined. This will be the ground floor for all painting for the rest of the workshop. This first class will be in black and white as form primarily works in value. Slide presentation, discussion, and demonstration. View some video stills here.

The Basics of Form, Class #1
Form Applied to the Land, Class #2
Form Applied to the Foliage, Class #3
Advanced Concepts of Form, Class #4

Assignment: Demonstrate your understanding of form by completing basic black and white value studies based on what you learned in class.


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