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Form, an Academic Approach to Painting the Landscape:
Form Applied to the Land
Preview of Class #2

RUNTIME: 1 hour, 39 minutes

Ray Roberts

Instructor, Class: Recorded Jul 20, 2020

Form Applied to the Land—Form as applied generally to the landscape; cliffs, hillsides, and clouds. Not all cliffs, hills, and clouds are created equal, but knowing how to define them and analyze them in terms of 'form' will be invaluable when stepping up to the easel. Through demonstrations, slides, and lectures, Ray will show and illustrate what he looks for when painting these subjects. Light, shadow, reflected light, core shadows all affect the results of a painting. Ray explains and demonstrates how he creates work with the use of understanding form. View some video stills here.

The Basics of Form, Class #1
Form Applied to the Land, Class #2
Form Applied to the Foliage, Class #3
Advanced Concepts of Form, Class #4

Assignment: Demonstrate your understanding of form within a land or sky by completing a painting based on what you learned in class.


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