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Design for the Landscape Painter: Visualizing your Painting

Preview of Class #2

RUNTIME:1 hour

Ray Roberts

Instructor, Class: Recorded May 14, 2019

Visualizing your Painting—We will explore different ways to visualize, convert, and analyze scenes, photos, and paintings in black and white. Photoshop, Procreate, Brushes, Photos, MVP red filter, all are/have several filters for looking at scenes through a lens of black and white. There are also apps for cell phones. Squinting! Any way you visualize scenes is up to your personal preference. We will explore historic paintings and convert them to black and white and simplify them through filters to analyze these at their basic level. Referring to a historic composition Ray will paint a quick version from his reference material. See some video stills here.

Understanding Form, Class #1
Visualizing your Painting, Class #2
Exploring Design, Class #3
Ongoing Tools for Design Strategies, Class #4

Assignment: Find a scene with a similar composition to a historic painting through visualizing/filtering in black and white and paint a black and white version of your scene while channeling the historic paintings’ composition.

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