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Design for the Landscape Painter: Ongoing Tools for Design Strategies

Preview of Class #4

RUNTIME: Approximately 1 hour

Ray Roberts

Instructor, Class: Recorded May 28, 2019

Ongoing Tools for Design Strategies—Keeping these approaches in mind is tricky. There are a couple of strategies to stay present. 1) Beware of repeating design flaws. 2) Try markers in a sketchbook 3) Try a quick sketch in gouache with 3 or 4 values 4) Start with a grisaille method with your dark shapes first and then work to color. In the field, do small oil sketches first. You’ll get an idea of what it looks like right away. Ray demonstrates painting a full color painting starting with dark shapes first followed by light shapes. View some video stills here.

Understanding Form, Class #1
Visualizing your Painting, Class #2
Exploring Design, Class #3
Ongoing Tools for Design Strategies, Class #4

Assignment: Repeat demo using your subject.

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