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Design for the Landscape Painter: Exploring Design

Preview of Class #3

RUNTIME: Approximately 1 hour

Ray Roberts

Instructor, Class: Recorded May 21, 2019

Exploring Design will be the focus of this class. Design tools such as 2/3,1/3, "little bit" will be cited as well as formal design concepts of "S-curve", "steelyard", "pattern" and "circular". Although these formulas are very effective, these aren’t necessarily the only route to success. Design can be boiled down to unequal shapes, unequal angles, and asymmetry. These are discussed with many samples cited. Ray demonstrates the "grisaille" painting approach. It's effective to see your design in black and white and paint over it in color. View some video stills here.

Understanding Form, Class #1
Visualizing your Painting, Class #2
Exploring Design, Class #3
Ongoing Tools for Design Strategies, Class #4

Assignment: Painting a full color painting using the grisaille method of black and white first and then taking it to full color.

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