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Fundamentals of Structure & Design in the Seascape: Shimmering Sea

Preview of Class #1

RUNTIME: 1 hour, 20minutes

Ray Roberts

Instructor, Class: Recorded Jun 8, 2020

Shimmering Sea—We will explore the effects of spectral highlights reflecting the sun on water. "Water is like a rolling mirror”- Art Hughes. And with the surface shape constantly rippling, rocking, and rolling, with crests and troughs, there can be quite the challenge to convincingly create the effect of that light.

Shimmering Sea, Class #1
The Ocean at Night, Class #2
Structure of a Wave, Class #3
Strategies for Improving a Design in a Seascape, Class #4

Assignment: Create a seascape and/or /water scene illustrating this method for painting the sun reflecting on water.


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