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Fundamentals of Structure & Design in the Seascape: Strategies for Improving a Design in a Seascape
Preview of Class #4

RUNTIME:1 hour, 23 minutes

Ray Roberts

Instructor, Class: Recorded Jun 29, 2020

Strategies for Improving a Design in a Seascape—We will explore different ways to objectively see our work and apply strategies for improving seascapes. Whether it’s values, color temperature, drawing, or design, analyzing our own work can be our greatest challenge. Having clear cut approaches will push us closer to our goals in all painting subjects. Familiarity with Photoshop or Procreate will help but tracing paper and pencil will work as well. View some video stills here.

Shimmering Sea, Class #1
The Ocean at Night, Class #2
Structure of a Wave, Class #3
Strategies for Improving a Design in a Seascape, Class #4

Assignment: Before and After - Select a painting, making sure you take a picture of it, explore different fixes for it and apply your best choice to improving your painting.


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