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Fundamentals of Structure & Design in the Seascape:
The Ocean at Night
Preview of Class #2

RUNTIME: 1 hour, 14 minutes

Ray Roberts

Instructor, Class : June 15, 2020

The Ocean at Night—By adjusting your range of values and colors, the artist has an opportunity to create a charming effect of the ocean in the evening. Much of the previous class will come into play in this class as the use of color temperature will be most important with this approach.  View some video stills here.

Shimmering Sea, Class #1
The Ocean at Night, Class #2
Structure of a Wave, Class #3
Strategies for Improving a Design in a Seascape, Class #4

Assignment: Nighttime seascape or water scene. Find your range of values and colors to create a believable nighttime painting. Be mindful of design and landscapes.


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