Strategies for Improving your Drawing and Painting Skills : 
Practicing Four Drawing Tools 
Preview of Class #1

RUNTIME:  1 hour, 12 min - STREAM FOR 90 DAYS

Peggi Kroll Roberts

Instructor, Class : Jan 20, 2020

With many ways to express yourself through drawing, this class is designed to help you keep your drawing and observation skills toned. We will draw from life and from photo reference. Not only are these basics a great way to practice, many times the results become art in themselves whether intentional or not. We will practice blind contour drawing, negative space drawing, upside-down drawing, and non-dominant hand drawing. They really are fun and so many times the results are surprising. (It’s a good thing)  But keep in mind our intention is to practice. See some video stills here.

Assignment: Find a quiet spot. Observe your surroundings and just practice these four basic drawing tools. For example, draw a chair approaching the same subject with each tool. These drawings can become ideas for paintings!  Any subject is fine.

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