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Strategies for Improving your Drawing and Painting Skills : 
Painting Simple Figures 
Preview of Class #3

RUNTIME:  Approx 1 hour

Peggi Kroll Roberts

Instructor, Class: Recorded  Feb 17, 2020

Painting Simple Figures Under a Source Light - 2 Values -- We will work from photo reference and paint simple figures (in a vignette style) demonstrating a light source on the form. We will work in 2 values to keep it simple. This will help maintain light separated from shadow. The student should gain an understanding of how to introduce more values from the springboard of two. There is a strategy that Peggi will talk about that makes it very simple to achieve the effect of light on a subject. See some video stills here.

Practicing Four Drawing Tools, Class #1
Simplified Adult Figure Proportions, Class #2
Painting Simple Figures, Class #3
Multiple Figures in a Composition, Class #4

Assignment: In a vignette style go through your reference and just paint simple figures that are in a light source. Use the strategy introduced to keep light separated from shadow and the lessons from the previous two classes. Paint a lot of different characters. If you don’t have references, try to shoot photos of people under outdoor sunlight. Outdoor sunlight is the easiest light to render.

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