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Strategies for Improving your Drawing and Painting Skills : 
Simplified Adult Figure Proportions 
Preview of Class #2

RUNTIME:  Approx 1 hour

Peggi Kroll Roberts

Instructor, Class: Recorded Feb 3, 2020

From the resource, “Figure Drawing for all it’s Worth by Andrew Loomis”, based on the “8 head Ideal Figure” How can we draw a variety of figures and maintain the individual character of each person and keep it from looking formulaic? How can we capture animation and still maintain good proportions?  Peggi uses what she calls “vicinity marks”. These marks indicate where a specific part of the anatomy should land or come close to and it works every time. Then with solid contour drawing specific to the individual, you will capture a real variety of people. “I rely on these marks, especially when trying to draw moving figures. This can be very frustrating. But with these marks and some memory work I can get very close and build believable figures.”  See some video stills here.

Practicing Four Drawing Tools, Class #1
Simplified Adult Figure Proportions, Class #2
Painting Simple Figures, Class #3
Multiple Figures in a Composition, Class #4

Assignment: Take your large library of photo reference. Set up with pad and drawing tools and repeat exercises as seen in the demonstration. Mark those “Vicinity Marks” first--very important. Then start your contour drawing paying close attention to where the top of the “head and chin” land, then the “armpit, chest area”, then the “waist to navel” area, then to the bottom of the torso. The knee is about half-way between the bottom of the torso and foot. Again, think of these parts of the figure landing close to or on the mark.

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